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Poker Bot Reviews

What is a Poker Bot?

A poker bot is a very simple program which reads a poker table window, analyzes the hand in play and picks a course of action such as fold, call or raise.  Most poker bots allow the creation of customized actions by creating a set of instructions usually called a profile.

Can a Poker Bot win?

Poker bots work reasonably well at low level stakes poker.  Poker bots make logical decisions every time and never get mad or lose their temper (aka – going on tilt).  At the low stakes, there are a lot of unskilled players (aka – fish) who don’t know how to play correctly and this is one area where a bot will excel.

Poker Bot Choices

Two of the most popular Poker Bots are the Shanky Bot and OpenHoldem Bot.

Shanky Bot

– Easiest to get running.  Just download a trial and run it.
– Comes with a built in ability to play poker. The default profile is called Doodle.
– Active forum where players share profiles and tools
– Ability to purchase addons for automatic table opening (aka – hoppers,loaders)

– Does not work on all Poker sites (works on most such as Ipoker, 888, Bodog, Cake, WPN)
– Requires an investment to purchase

OpenHoldem Bot

– Ability to work with any Poker site (using custom Tablemaps)
– Profiles can use player Poker Database statistics to make decisions
– No cost with the exception of taking more of your time to learn to use

– Profiles take more effort to learn and write
– Tablemaps are required for each site and type of table (ex. 6max vs full ring)

How do I get started?

I would recommend trying out the Shanky Poker Bot before using the more advanced OpenHoldem Bot.  The Shanky Poker Bot has a free trial available that will allow you to play 200 hands.  That will allow you to make sure it works before purchasing.

Shanky Web Site – http://www.bonusbots.com/
Shanky Web Forum – http://www.bonusbots.com/support/

If you decide that OpenHoldem is a better choice, you can use the following links:

OpenHoldem Web Site – http://code.google.com/p/openholdembot/
OpenHoldem Forum – http://www.maxinmontreal.com/forums/
SNG/MTT Table Opener – http://www.pokerautomationtools.com/